Some New Stuff I'm Adding ...Let Me Show You #floweround NEW UPDATE

Lately, I've been in love with these plants. I'm working in a flower store , the last 7 years, but never paid enough attention to their glorious, nature beauty. I keep photographing them for a little while and would  like to share with you some of my pictures :) I call them The Queens. I started buying, even for home, I really didn't have any flowers a month ago at my living room. Now, it is a completely different situation. I've  needed time to make a good connection, to fall in love and to start enjoying them. Taking care is not that tough as everyone thinks. It's really interesting watching the whole process, to see how they react when you water , when they bloom and everything. Plus , this is nature, some of the few real things left out there. A pure plant , and a rainbow inside.

Check out new section in the blog, dedicated to these beautiful plants:


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