29/08 Stylish End Of The Summer

I can't believe summer 2018 is already in the past and what is left are just some good memories...It was a very dynamic period, filled with amazing people and valuable experience. As a beginner, I can even say I feel it as a very successful season...All the nerves that follow every wedding, every sleepless Friday it was all worthy.... The last wedding was the most magnificent, emotional and cheerful final we could dream of. The place is called Balcon Del Mundo, and it's on the edge of a rock, with the most amazing view of our Black sea:) Stylish, simple and very trendy. White Phalaenopsis feat. Eucalyptus. Take a look......:)

26/08 Wedding On A Lake....Why Not?

It was one of that lazy summer Sundays, but in a florist world: free weekends are considered as a failure. So, no time to chill, waking up at 6 in the morning...fully charged to create and compose the final details of another, beautiful wedding.
      All of us loved the place which was chosen for that celebration. It was just different and breathtaking...The view, the atmosphere, the green grass, the August Sunday rays...Perfect. Well, I will try to avoid the wind, but it was a nightmare...we had a tough opponent. And we had the final battle at the wedding arch.....I must admit I was desperate, secretly I was praying the arch just to fly away, so we have the perfect explanation why we couldn't do it...It was a strong, strong wind on a beautiful lake. Anyway, skipping some infarct situations and thanks to Kristina, it turned out to be perfect, just like we wanted and imagined it. 

This is the wedding bouquet :)