Beautiful Primulas Welcoming Spring

What's more Spring than this pure beauty. I gotta say I love these flowers, maybe because they are so easy to grow and thankful as blooming all the time. Let me tell you what I've learned about them so far , hope to be helpful:) They come with the name "primula" which meaning is First ( prime ), as they are truly one of the first to bloom in spring. A complex and varied genus, member of the family Primulaceae, almost half of the known species origins are from the Himalayas.
   Many species are adapted to alpine climates.The flowers are native to the northern hemisphere, south tropical mountains in Ethiopia, Indonesia and New Guinea. It is blooming during the spring, prefer cool temperatures, a rich humus soil,  flowers mostly appeared in spherical umbels on stout stems arising from basal rosettes of leaves. They are more than 500 species in traditional treatments. Bedding and border kinds can be seen in many colors like red, pink, yellow, blue, purple, white, everything except green. It grows on part shade to full shade places , spread 0.50 to 7.50 feet and height from 0.50 to 1.00 feet.When comes to
planting should be in a cool, partly shaded area in the garden with rich, well-draining, slightly acid soil. If you don't have a garden, you can grow it indoor, as long as you are able to keep it at 10-15 degrees at night, in a high humidity atmosphere. Watering should be quite often, as they are one always thirsty plants. They are also called English primroses. I've learned a tip to  purchase primroses while they are in bloom, to guarantee the flower color and style.

This is a small collection of our beautiful prumulas. Arranged in different styles and combined with various flowers: