Thursday, July 7, 2016

When those little, small things are so important.

   In the middle of the summer, this beautiful Dipladenia made my day, one idea more cheerful and bright. I've been waiting the last 2 weeks, so impatiently for the growing buds to open. Every morning with the daily dose of fresh juice, I've been checking my plant with the hope to see it shining with opened flowers:) The story of this Diplandenia or also known as Mandevilla is that I've took the plant in a critical condition. It was for the garbage, poor and shy but I've decided that I will fight for it... It took me 3 moths to fully recover it, I have to say that from the experience by now, it wasn't so effortless. I've been doing nothing but watering it carefully everyday, I've replant it in a bigger pot, give it some good soil, and "vitamins" for blooming plants, make sure it gets enough sunrays and voila.... You can see how beautiful it is, and the surprise that it is white color. Oh, melted me. Here, in my country -  Bulgaria the most common and popular Dipladenia is the red colored. So, I was pretty sure that it would be red or pale pink, but again joy for the soul, it turned out to be white with yellow from the inside :) I said joy for the soul and I really mean it, it is exactly those little, small things like a blooming plant, that are charging us and make us better. You better if  wonder what flower to buy, you won't feel pity if you decide to take care of Dipladenia:)))) Have a good day and spot the flowers around:))))))


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