Hearts, Pink, Love Beating.... Floweround Valentine's Day.

Well, I had two days, which weren't that pink  and colorful, but at the end, now -  laying in my bed, just looking at all the pictures I've taken, with all of that madness happening, it feels good. Let me show you some of the  roses we had:)

I don't exactly know how to explain what I mean when saying "madness", I will try to show you with  couple of pictures :) 

It looks pretty calmful, isn't it :) I didn't have time to capture how it looked like during all the customers were inside "fighting" for the best flowers.... The main rule at  that time is that there is no rule, no organisation, no possible way  to control these crazy , in a good way , florists. 

 Here, loading the truck and saying goodbye to the flowers. Sold out. :) Now,  let's go back to work !
Enough of the introduction, some of the arrangements we've made :) This is what caused the title of this post actually ....
A mix of flowers - about 40 roses, eustomas, gerberas, trachelium (  member of the Campanulaceae family, I've wrote about  in a previous post  )  chrysanthemums, spray roses , some inspiration and  much love.

Bye for now :))))))))