I Made Promise - I Gotta Keep It Part.1 - Campanula Carpatica

    As I said yesterday I will continue showing what we had received , I will show you the photos I've made today and will write you some information about the plants, if you have ever wondered:) I  kinda enjoy the idea of learning more and more about plants, so if anyone of you reading the blog spots something that  don't completely believe, agree or understand, please write me :) 
So now, I'm starting with Campanula Carpatica
 or Carpathian harebell member of the Campanulaceae family, native to the Carpatian Mountains of Central Europe. It is a low-growing herbaceous perennial and it can be seen in several cultivars - white, blue, pink and purple. We've received today purple mixed with white, it's really nice. Even more beautiful. Another interesting thing I've learnt while searching Google is that this is an award winner , gaining the Royal Horticultural Society of Garden Merit. Typical for the flower is that forms low-growing floriferous mounds that slowly spread to form an attractive ground cover. Sun lovers deffinately,though it will develop and grow in partly shaded places, easily grown in free draining soil.  Don't forget deadheading  promote additional flowering. In Latin, the name campanula means “little bell” and refers to the bell shape of this beautiful flower. In nature blooms from June to August , it reaches 25 cm height and spread up to 60 cm., it's an evergreen plant. As an idea it can grow on walls, on a sunny bank or in borders, in basket hanging from your window, at your home, or in the garden.
Grow at 13-18 °C. In winter indoors frost free at 3-5 °C or outdoors - for 1°C. Outdoor fleece cover needed. In spring the plants start to grow for 5-9 weeks at 15-18 °C . Cold temperatures at 13-15 °C will increase the cultivation time. A chilling period for flower initiation is not required.

A white one , which was also a big hit. I like it a lot, but though the things I wrote, still think it's pretty hard to be kept looking that good. I will most probably take one for home, and see if I can handle it.:) If anyone has share your experiance :)


Another one , this is one is a little different, I couldn't find the exact name, in most places it's written Carpatica, but I believe it is not.  Cares are almost the same, suitable for sunny places,
flowering time: May - September,  period: June - September, retail period: June - August.
Planting distance about 50 cm.

 And here's some other pictures of today's Campanula , plus how it looks in an arrangement :)