Tropic Don't Let Autumn Come

      This is my plan, as long as I'm not ready for the Autumn, I surround myself with summer. What's better, when I saw it, my heart melt....My first Plumeria. Well known and pretty famous in some regions of the Hawaii , this is what the leis are made from ( Leis is the floral garland which is a one of the Hawaiian symbols). But here in Bulgaria, is one exotic flower, with a tropic breath, a summer touch and hard to pronounce name. We've received 3 pieces of them in the store, 2 of them, unfortunately broken, and one in perfect condition, it took me 3 seconds to pack it and wait patiently the end of the day , so I can bring it home. Uploading that beautiful picture of my white and yellow, fragranced like heaven, Plumeria and wish you a lovely Thursday :) Love, Floweround.