Family Ceropegias - Under Your Control

    I've become obsessed with it last year. I remember last summer, we've received it in our shop by a mistake, and it was one green, almost, dead succulent, really, no eye catching, nothing, you look at it and think of it as the poor plant ...with a sign on it Ceropegia Sandersonii . The name is actually impressive  just as the plant but back to the point I was so intrigued , and so was anyone else in the store , I've took some at home, and gave it a try. I read about it, of course , got inspired, wrote a post about it (link below+photos) so, now won't emphasize on that details .... My experience can add that this is a lovely and very thankful plant, it doesn't want and need can really watch how it grows, the process is so fast, it changes everyday. It is spectacular. And I haven't even mentioned yet the beautiful blooming colors of the queen. I've left mine in the whole summer outside , in the burning sunrays, she loves it, which is normal for an african flower. The interesting is that I found out and bought from FloraHolland Ceropegia Woodi, and I've treated it the same, I had it since May, and it wasn't blooming this 4 -5 months, just green leaves , very nice colors and shapes, but no flowers, and since the sunlight is not that bright and strong , it started blooming, a very small pink shaded flowers, so I guess that variety of the plant prefers temperature not more than 25 degrees for easier blooming. Anyway, I'm really proud of my ceropegias and want to share with you....
    And there is one MYSTERY hiding, and I can't seem to find anywhere in the internet "space" , you can see on the pictures, on the ceropegia sandersonii, there are two long stems which grew in the last two weeks, they become bigger and bigger, and I have no idea what is this exactly....another fascinating process, take a look:

more about the plant: CEROPEGIA