Alocasia Or Your New Home Beauty Decoration

   Hello, today we've received these beautiful Alocasias. Throught, the whole day I've been asked so many questions about this beautiful plant, so I've decided to write all tips and information I've been storing in my mind. Hope to be helpful and if you don't have one at your home, to make you want it :) All pictures from the post are Alocasias Polly. As a beginning, member of the family Araceae, it's not blooming. Part of the big leaf decorative plants group, its beauty comes from the arrow shaped leafs. Deffinetely, loved for its big green leafs, colored with great gentle stripes  ( lenght about 10-12 cm.). It's an indoor, I can say , rare flower with origins from East India and the Philippines.
In the summer would like temperature - from 20 - 21 degrees, and at least 18 in the winter. Dark light in winter is okay, but in the summer a partly shaded place of your home will be more suitable. The soil must be always wet, but in winter, of course you can reduce watering ( 1-2 times per week ). The soil must be an equal mix of peat moss, clay soil with sand and wood coals. The plant likes to be sprayed often, which is one of the things that balance humidity best. You can transplant in spring, and can reproduce plants at that time.