Ceropegia Sandersonii

I've got the honour to present you Ceropegia Sandersonii or the African Parachute Plant. I've seen it this week for a first time and I was not just amazed but so impressed and delighted. Love to meet that kinds of exotic flowers, which at some point in the world are the most common thing, but are unseen for many people, it is good to remind yourself from time to time , what nature is , and how strange and beautiful can turn out to be. Enjoy:)

The trendy and eccentric plant is native to the region of Swaziland in South Africa and Mozambique. It is from family Apocynaceae. Other names which is famous with are an umbrella flower or fountain flowers. The distinguishing features of the plant are its unusual twining stems with flowers resembling parachutes. The flowers have pale green tiger print and a faint fragrance of limes.It is an evergreen, prostrate , nearly hairless plant, with succulent leaves. The design plant will certainly prove an eye catching gift and will flower continuously from February to December , which is almost all the time, and it is what I love most about it. Just place it in the right sunny location. The other cares are very few. Easy, little water, temperature 12-25 C, much light. And I have to say it is intended for  decorative purposes, not for consumption.:)