11/08 Engagement Style

Its getting better week after week...This Saturday was incredible, I can't stop thinking about it over and over again. It involved 2 cultures, which I'm not that familiar with, traditions that were new to me and the people that made me love them for the few moments we've shared. Armenia feat. India on Bulgarian land. Awesome and exciting. Blue, gold and white - right on the beach. Oh, maybe I forgot to mention that  this was our first engagement party to organise....yay:) Of course, this type of events are a bit stressful for everyone involved, but ask the florist..... it was all going according to my plan, but the wind wasn't thinking about our comfort... it was so hard to put everything in order, as it was flying everywhere :)  I appreciate the efforts of the girls who helped me ;)

Happy and very tired florist :)


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