Where the small phalaenopsis develop....:)

   In one of my trips to Holland, I had the luck to visit a phalaenopsis greenhouse. The place where everything starts. From the very beginning till the moment the plants are ready to bloom. It is a huge space, really huge. It took me an hour and a half to walk through it . All worth it, it was such a pleasure, green horizont, warm and friendly environment. I admire the owners, really nice people, I have to say. And this is their life, dedicated to that greenhouse. What is happening under the roof of this magestic place, can't be measured. It is a whole another world, privately hiding a couple billion glorious phalaenopsis. And it is not an exaggeration,this is one of the main suppliers from Aalsmeer to  FloraHolland. They important from Thailand, China and Indonesia.  Take a look , it is hard to be explained, as I said it is a very big territory, and the most impressive to me was the fact, that there are only 14 people working in the greenhouse. Most of the job is done by a computer and some Very Clever systems, which are making no mistakes and save a lot of time. My conclusion after that tour: INVEST FOR SUCCESS.