Busy...Saint Valentine Calling ... Some flowers around, I mean Floweround !

 Had two, real busy days at work, that pre-preparation for the Saint Valentine day is kinda exhausting, we've been receiving flowers, selling flowers, arranging flowers, I go back home, get into bed, wanting just to relax my brain and all of sudden dream about flowers :) It's actually Floweround now. Maybe, this is really why I give that name to the blog and my facebook page, only most probably florist could get it, the fever and the atmosphere, the panic and excitement, all in one, gathered in a couple of days. So, as I said two days of that 'insanearound period are gone but we still got 3 more to come, expecting to be even funnier and crazier:)

 Check out some of the flowers we received, and  I fell in love, so as our clients.

  Simple and beautiful. Kalanchoe Calandiva.  It varies in a lot of colours, this one orange- maybe one of my favourite. A succulent plant which require infrequent watering ,which is the great advantage of this flower, important thing: make sure that the pot is with good drainage or plants will rot or make sure there are holes in the potindoors. Calandiva needs very bright light and blooms from January till April ( early spring ). Average house temperature between 18-21 degrees is preferable. As I mentioned earlier Kalanchoe have a long bloom cycle but make sure you pruned off the old blooms so new could bloom easier. That's it :) 
  We also had this party cactuses, arranged in these small, colorful ceramics, about to bloom, really Loved it. Could be a good gift, a small gesture with a great message. Ouch, Be Aware, always.:)

  My favourite, now:
 Narcissen in a glass vase arranged, in a real fresh and nice way :)

I even took at home ;) Floweround....Will continue tomorrow....:) Good Night