Phalaenopsis GreenHouse


    The place is again Aalsmeer, Holland. And  after, we've enter together inside a greenhouse for small phaloenopsis,  it is time too show you , where they go next. I've already explained what an amazing experience it was. That really, there are places, hidden from us, hiding the colors of the world, the smells of most beautiful garden, a warm blanket spreading love. So, you better admire flowers and you better take a look at the picture. Because it is impressive:) It is again a big area, only with Orchids. All blooming, all different, all organised - by colors, by height, by stadius of development. Like a library for flowers. Perfect organisation. Again , a machine takes care for that details. There are flowers everywhere, there is a second floor hanging in the air, filled phalaenopsis. There are millions, you can't see the end , but you can feel the beauty. Enough talks, take a look :)