FLORA HOLLAND - experience

     Hello, I would  love to share what I saw last week in my little Holland trip. Just an ordinary girl , who works in a florist shop, from Bulgaria , had the luck to visit the most powerful market in the world for flowers. Yes, I'm talking about Flora Holland. The place is in Aalsmeer ( 20 mins away from Amsterdam ), and it's huge, no , not HUGE, but enormous. Where everyday, every morning , big things happen. Like 80% of the flowers, around the globe, find their owners. There's an auction, starting at exactly 6 o'clock. It's a total madness, but as well, organised in the best possible way. This is a place where you can see, litterally , everything. Most things were unseen for me, and interesting, with a creative mood on and very supportive partners, it was such a pleasure to take a inside preview of what is really happening.  Cut flowers, plants, accessories, positive people , all in their hurry, but having time to smile and salute. All of this under one roof, which is actually equal to 100 football fields. Impressive. That atmosphere was a bit of a surprise to me, energy and good vibes, lovely people with problems hidden behind their welcoming faces - priceless.  Even if you're not a florist, there's a visitor section, and you can see almost everything. Here's some of my pictures, will upload very soon and videos, but it takes time;)

*to be continued.