Dahlias Around .....Bringing Not Only Beauty But A Smile ...:)

       A member of the Asteraceae plants, in my country, they are not so popular as plants in a pot, you can see them in almost every garden, just standing under the sun , being beautiful. This is a genus, native mainly in Mexico , Colombia and Central America. Introduced in Europe in 1789, it was years after declared as the national flower of Mexico in 1963. 
There's a theory that the meaning of the name comes from the Swedish word"dal" which means "valley". You can't find them in stores like their coisins- Chrysanthemums but have the great advantage that could be cultivated very easily from seeds.  The variety of colors and tints are enourmous, you can find at least 35 species. Dahlias or also known as Georgina: small plants, with one head per stem and if you take good care of them - lot's of light, lot's of water and a cooler room, your flower would be grateful. The potted Dahlias are hybrids of the Dahlia Variabilis. In the catalogues they are offered to reach 30 cm length, and are also good for beddings, especially the sorts - Figaro and Rigoleto. Blooming from midsummer to first frost.
       Secrets Of Success:
Temperature: cooler room, as I said.Perfect temperature - 10-15 degrees.
Light: Bright bright light, but try avoiding the strong summer afternoon rays.
Water: Soil must be always  wet. Spray leaves from time to time.