Azalea Warming The Blog

     Brightly colored, well formed, true and positive energy fellas. Who doesn't love Azaleas? But do we know how to take care of  these nature beauties?:) Really , thousands of varieties can be found and seen, so literally every azalea can fit great anywhere, as long as it suits her.:) They are known also as "The Royalty Of Your Garden", so for the people thinking seriously about the prestige of their yard, should immediately consider taking at least one.
   Most azaleas flowers in Spring, so the best time to plant is late Spring ( or early Autumn). There are two types of azaleas, that are very popular and attractive to people. Rhododendron Simsii ( The Indian Azalea ) , this is the most famous ,  and the other obtusum ( the Japanese Azalea ). They are both dwarf bushes, and reach 30-45 cm height. Every Christmas, Spring and no matter when Azaleas are a bestseller. Be careful, when buying, choose plants with not fully opened buds. Without the  certain attention , only for a week or two buds may fall and plant will start dying. If you want your flower last and the blooming process continues longer, you better keep it in a cool, bright place or room, and to be watered regularly. Evergreen azaleas must be placed in partial shade with some wind protection. Death buds should be always replaced.

Temperature: In a cool room, perfect degrees - 10-15.
Light: Bright ligth and place, but not direct.
Water:  Provide well-drained soil that must be always wet, avoid if possible chalky water, sprinkle leaves everyday.
Care after blooming: move in a cooler room or shaded place in the garden, keep watering till new  buds start forming again.
 Humus rich soil that is slightly acidic (pH 4.5–6) is necessary. Fertilizer is not required. 

The variety of Rhodedron Simsii are so many. Most predominant is the pink one, but there are also white, red and crimson colors available. There are two colored sorts like the pink INGA with white endings and also Osta ( white and pink again) .

Common Problems:         
Wrinkled Leaves - Most probably not watering enough. It may need to be watered plenty, 3 times per the week. Other reasons might be dry air, cover pot with wet peat; or too much direct sunlight.
Short Bloom Period - Hot and dry air. Don't place pot near radioators or heaters, sprankle leaves often. Direct light and less water interrupt blooming.
Yellow Leaves - Chalky water.