Weddings 2018

a wedding in pink on the beach in kavarna

After so many downs and downs in my life, the last year and a half, I'll try to post more, cause it's so busy lately. The usual and never-ending Floweround phase. This post will be about the weddings we had this summer. I literally don't have photos so we will wait for the professional shots, and till then, I'll make you more curious with fewer pictures. It's so new for me, the whole decoration process, but it's so addicting so I can see myself developing into that direction:) I can't wait for August, we are fully booked, and ready to create. Pleasure, pleasure :)...It's all mine.
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The first spot is a restaurant in Kranevo - Mirage Sands; 
Amazing place, a small one, with a ceremony happening right on the sands a few meters from the sea waves....Spectacular and emotional.

The second Place is a restaurant in Varna city - Horizont - famous for its wedding excellence when organising events :) 

And, the third event was again in Kranevo - First Line restaurant - This was the massive organization ever in my experience. It lasted more than a year, with so many details. I was so inspired by the love of my friends, and their energy and also by my was such a tough day that there were moments when my tears were just falling, cause I just needed to share these moments like we used to. High-level emotions....anyway, take a look ;)  xxx Love.

Good Morning

Me as a Guest

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