Well, young gardeners level up....It's time. Let the new challenge be clematis. It is a true pleasure, I guarantee, 'cause once you've experienced the lovely flower, you would want a new one, and there are dozens of different choices. And by the way, they are very popular and trendy now:)
 There are more than 250 species which we know, the individual flower is from the Ranunculaceae family. They are mainly of Chinese or Japanese origin, it is also known as traveler's joy.
  When it comes to clematis, it is very important to think in advance;) Plan the most appropriate place for that plant, known as the "queen of climbers", be prepared for its mature height. 
But don't be aware, there are many compact varieties, which allows being stored in a room :) Think of a sunny place, no matter in or outdoor you are going to place it. Typical for the climbing plants is that the growing end of the vine is always searching somewhere to attach, make sure you provide the place with 'something to grab' because either way it stops growing.  The way of climbing is a system of wrapping its leaf stems around that 'something'
There are many species as I said, some are with smaller blossoms, bell-like blossoms or double flowers but the main group of Clematis flower forms is a large blossom with 5-7 petals, which length is around 12-15 cm. The range of colors is from white to lavender, deep purple, wine red, and rarely yellow. The best advice if you want to enjoy this flower blossoms is to buy 2 years old plant ( at least ). The reason of that is the maturity stage of the plant and that it takes about that period for the plant to reach the optimal point of giving beautiful and reach blossoms. Be careful, the soil must be well-drained and use regularly granular organic fertilizer (surround the plant with a shovelful of compost and the fertilizer - early spring ). Also feed the feed the plant with water-soluble organic fertilizer - once or twice during the growing season. Feed your plants well, make sure them you keep them in a good health. One of the secrets to keeping your Clematis happy is to keep its roots in cool shade and the foliage on a warm sun. It is hard to explain with two words how comes the pruning. It is different cause it varies, some types bloom on last year's vines, so you don't do nothing. Others can be cut to the ground in the autumn. I advise you to keep an eye on the plant and prune it only when you see the dead vine.

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